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Metro Law Office will assist you in buying, selling or incorporating a business; negotiating or drafting a lease; negotiating, drafting, granting or taking securing interests and mortgages; filing and discharging builders liens and personal property charges. We will also assist you in selecting and registering a web domain, corporate name and trademark for your business and can help design business forms which will avoid costly problems in the future.


There are many advantages to incorporating a business into a legal, share-issuing company: in most cases the shareholders are not liable for the debts of the company, there are reduced rates of tax and tax deferral options, income can be split among family members, shares can be issued to facilitate investment or to motivate employees. Since a company never dies - if properly maintained - it may also be used as an estate planning vehicle. Metro Law Office can assist you in setting up a company, proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership or in registering a Canadian trademark.


A company is required to maintain a registered and records office where certain corporate documents are made available for inspection by creditors, members of the public and shareholders. When Metro Law Office is your registered and records office, we maintain up-to-date corporate records and prepare notices and annual reports as required by the Registrar of Companies. If these documents are not properly prepared and filed your Company may be dissolved or be unable to borrow funds from a bank.


These are like marriage agreements for shareholders in a private corporation. Shareholders Agreements set out who shall be the officers and directors; how each shall contribute work, money or personal guarantees; how major decisions should be made; how the death, retirement or withdrawal of a shareholder should be handled, how disputes or the breakdown of the business relationship should be settled and how the shareholders can buy or sell their respective shares in the Company. Shareholders Agreements can help avoid costly disputes and provide the basis for estate and succession planning.